Simple, anonymous web-based workplace hotlines.

Work311 lets you quickly launch a workplace hotline. Here’s an example.

Its case management tools include anonymous communication with reporters as well as compliance features. 


Custom hotline URL


Admin dashboard


Case manager accounts


Anonymous, two-way messaging


E-Discovery and audit logs


Bilingual web interface


Archive and search


Classify and sort reports

Reach us at 919-627-1466 or for questions and demos.

$ 50/mo
paid annually
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited case managers
  • 7-day free trial
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How do I set up a Work311 hotline?

Work311 is the first hotline product that can be set up as a self-service tool. You can sign up here. Click on the Settings link in the upper right corner to walk through setup options. We’re also happy to schedule live demos and training!

How will employees access my hotline?

Each hotline has a unique URL, like You can choose your URL in the Settings page. The hotline can be accessed by any web browser. We recommend including your Work311 URL in your employee intranet, code of conduct, or similar places.

Is it anonymous? How can we follow up with those who submit reports?

Anonymity is essential for an effective workplace hotline. Work311 is engineered to protect anonymity.

Each reporter receives a unique link and access code for two-way asynchronous messaging and updates.

Can a Work311 hotline support multiple case managers?

Yes! Each hotline comes with an admin dashboard and unlimited case manager accounts.

What other features does Work311 have?

Collect case notes, documentation, reports, and anonymous follow-up messages all within the same case file. Compliance features include audit logs and e-discovery downloads. Cases can be sorted, searched, and archived.